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This is Jay. A close friend since kindergarten. 

About the website

The main idea for this site is to offer all sorts of stuff. Although immediate plans include primarily music, the site may eventually include stories, poetry, photos and maybe even art.


“To Experience Life” is probably the best short description of why we exist. There is more in this life than can be experienced in a lifetime and wow, what an adventure it is. There will be good times and bad times but everything is there for us to be part of it, to experience it, to learn from it, to embrace it and be part of it.


Music is a wonderful way of experiencing life. Music has the ability to paint pictures in your mind and music can make these pictures move and change shape. Music uses the experiences of each person so the “music pictures” that are drawn are unique and personal for each person. The fact that music is so personal may be the most powerful part of music. Music can express thoughts and emotions that are difficult or impossible to described in words. Music can occupy the mind for hours all by itself. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand word but a movie with a great sound track is a box office hit.


I hope you find something here you like. Let me know if you do. Subscribe to the mailing list to be informed of new material. Enjoy

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  1. Man, Great website and great music. You should add some content from some other collaborators too. I know this guy, Jeff E that made some great recordings at “The Man Cave Studios”. Maybe add some of his stuff to your site. Otherwise good stuff here. Love it.

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