Love Finds A Way

  1. Music Project

The Love Finds a Way Project is a collection of songs composed and performed by David Elder. In one way or another each song relates to the project title. The phrase itself is taken from the lyrics in “Has it always Been”.


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Listen to the music below or click on the song title to listen and read the lyrics, additional information and comments about the song.


Track 1 – Flower

 flower and sun dial pic
Track 2 – I Know You’re There

Track 3 – Fastest Gun in the West
Natical debris pic
Track 4 – Has It Always Been

Track 5 – Coconut Tree

Track 6 – When I Pray

Track 7 – Where are you going?

Track 8 – I Could Cry

Track 9 –  Runaway

Track 10 – Shepherd’s Night

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