Track 10 – Shepherd’s Night


Rhythm Guitar
Lead Vocal
Drum Kit
String Orchestra


In the fields I stand awake
guarding flocks sleeping on the ground.
There came two weary travelers
looking for the nearby town.

Upon a donkey sat a girl
who soon will have a child.
A few  more hills not far away
your journeys end is found

Deep in the night, a wondrous site,
a company of young and old,
a caravan of foreigners
and three men adorned with gold.

“We seek the One who was foretold.
Gifts for him we bring.
From afar we’ve come to seek
the One that we call king.

There is something different about this night.
I can feel it the air.
A mood of anticipation
of a change without compare.
It’s as if the old is turned to new
and the dark is turned to light.
The world is changing before my eyes.
There’s something great about this night.

Great about this night!

Then a man of splendor
stood before me in the night.
So magnificent to look upon
I fell to the ground in fright.

He said, “Arise and see, look to the sky.
There is noting for you to fear.
Before the morning, this very night
you will see a most spectacular site”

Then a door in heaven opened up
and crystal light spread all around.
A star shown bright into the night
upon the nearby town.

I saw Angels crowding far above
trying to get a better view
of something happening down on earth
something wondrous, something new.

And as one they burst into a song
so beautiful and clear.
A million voices ringing out
‘Gods grace is finally here’.
A baby born this very night
is God’s one and only son.
He brings with him the love of God
to share with everyone.

To share with everyone!

Copywrite ©David Elder
Creative Commons License


This song is about what a lonely Shepherd saw one night while keeping watch over the flock.


My Aunt Dodie played a major role in the circumstances that eventually led to my salvation through Jesus Christ and for this I will be eternally grateful (The whole story).  I would like to dedicate this release of “Shepherd’s Night” to her. I had planned to wait until November(2017) before releasing the song but I would like to honor the memory of my loved aunt with this gift. I am very grateful to my Aunt who has always been there for me, and never once ever condemned me. She has always been, and ever shall be, a symbol of hope and strength to me.

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