Track 6 – When I Pray


Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar
Lead Vocal
Drum Kit


When I’m in my quiet time
And I’ve calmed my inner rage
I feel heaven open up
And fill the place with praise

My voice combines with all the world
Of Christians far and wide
Angels join with pure delight
To enhance God’s children’s cries


When I pray
He hears me loud and clear
I’m not a tiny hidden voice
But sweet music to His ear

When I pray
I move mountains  with my song
He hears my broken inner heart
And makes my spirit strong.

The world around me disagrees
That God is in control
They cannot see his mighty hand
in things both great and small.

Where I can see no remedy
and what seems impossible to me,
He brings about His miracles
For all the world to see.


By faith I know that He is strong
And will answer when I call
His love is shown by all He does
and by His love He is known

If I ask for things that are not right
He helps me understand
To align my life with His pure light
And change my heart within


Copywrite ©David Elder
Creative Commons License


Built on a smooth rock beat and cool jazz chords this song is clearly about prayer. Intermixed with mellow guitar riffs it weaves in faith, listening and a willingness to change as components of prayer.

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