Track 8 – I Could Cry


Lead Vocal
Solo Guitar
Base Guitar
Drum Kit


She’s so beautiful I could cry,
she’s so beautiful I could fly
She’s dressed so nice, her hair’s so sweet
Her sparkling eyes are irresistible.

My heart goes wild each time we meet.
My mind spins round, I loose my feet.
Her love for me, so undeserved,
her soft caress, drives me to ecstasy.

I know her love is deeper than the deepest well,
higher than the highest mountain top,
flows wider than a river,
purer than a cool spring day.

She’s so beautiful, not just her face.
She’s so beautiful, it’s not the lace.
A heart of gold, empathic grace,
I’m overcome by her embrace.

She holds my hand. Calls me sweetheart.
And when we part, it breaks my heart.
And when at last we reunite,
my grounded soul takes off in boundless flight.

I know our love is bound up in eternal flight
souring over troubles cast our way.
Like a rainbow in the sky,
our love will bring us through.

She’s so beautiful it makes me cry.
To hurt her so, I’d rather die.
To know there’s hope to see her face,
I’d give my life to keep her safe.

One life to live sharing all that life will give.
Making every moment ours to own.
One heart from two.
Everyday starts brand new.

You’re so beautiful.

Copywrite ©David Elder
Creative Commons License


This is a how a young fellow feels when he sees his bride as she walks toward him and they are prepared to make their wedding commitments.

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