Track 2 – I Know You’re There


Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar
Lead Vocal
Drum Kit


When I’m sleeping I know you’re there.
When you’re gone I feel alone.
When I’m in your warm embrace I feel complete.
Wrapped in the comfort of your love

When the workday starts to take its toll.
When the pressure mounts from all around.
When I think of your sweet touch I come alive
The troubles of the day melt away.

The thought of you gives me comfort through the day
Knowing that you are mine soothes my soul.
My empty wanderings are finally in the  past.
Because of you my heart is full.

When together we think as like one
When apart we feel the pain
And when we work together the work is always fun
Life’s worth living close to you.


I cant Imagine life without you now.
I couldn’t bear to be apart.
I know the day I loose you will be the day I die.
Your love’s the fire in my heart.


When I’m sleeping I know you’re there.

Copywrite ©David Elder
Creative Commons License


Just a feel good song about how much a man likes to be with his girl and how the girl is missed when absent.

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